September 29, 2022

Vmo Aircraft Leasing Advances DEI Strategy

Company Supports Advancement of Women in Aviation through AWAR Sponsorship

Vmo Aircraft Leasing (“Vmo”), a global full-service aircraft lessor, announced today that the company has progressed its diversity, equity and inclusion (“DEI”) strategy with new initiatives that include initiating the company’s membership in non-profit Advancing Women in Aviation Roundtable (“AWAR”).

The Vmo leadership and Board of Directors have prioritized the development of DEI initiatives as one of the top strategic objectives, with the aim of ensuring that DEI best practices are embedded across the organization. Vmo envisions itself “to be a company that reflects the diversity of our world and our customer base and to build a culture where everyone is valued and included.”

“The key to our DEI strategy is keeping a team-focused culture at the center, anchored with shared values and a desire to leave the world better than we found it. Our team is actively involved in initiatives focused on building a dynamic workplace that espouses inclusion, diversity, and employee well-being, while taking steps to better the communities in which we live and work,” commented Robert Brown, Executive Chairman of Vmo Aircraft Leasing’s Board of Directors.

Since its inception, Vmo has cultivated and leveraged the capabilities and leadership of the company’s female professionals to drive its commercial success. As a corporate sponsor of AWAR, Vmo wants to demonstrate and amplify its commitment to building an inclusive and equitable environment for all stakeholders across the aviation community, which the company believes is vital to ensuring a more sustainable future for the industry.

“We are delighted to pledge our firm’s support and get involved with AWAR,” said Marilyn Gan, Vmo Aircraft Leasing’s Senior Vice President and Head of Asia Pacific. “We commend Amelia Anderson and Dana Barta for co-founding this important organization and leading its highly effective outreach over the years. We look forward to supporting efforts that build awareness of the need to promote gender parity and empower women leaders in our aviation community.”

“Dana and I are delighted to welcome Vmo to the AWAR family of industry-leading sponsors. We appreciate Vmo’s commitment to prioritizing a clear DEI vision at the outset of the enterprise, an important step in building a deeply inclusive culture where diversity can truly thrive,” said Amelia Anderson, AWAR Co-founder. “We look forward to working with the Vmo team and watching their success growing Vmo on a foundation of diversity in the coming years.”

Emily Wicker, President of AWAR Board of Directors, added, "AWAR is thrilled to have the support of Vmo, a champion of women and an industry leader in Diversity & Inclusion. Vmo recognized from inception the importance of educating all leaders, regardless of gender, on the value of diversity and inclusion. They consistently make an effort to keep DEI front and center in their strategic initiatives.”

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Vmo Aircraft Leasing (“Vmo”) is a global commercial aircraft lessor operating through offices in Dublin, San Francisco, and Singapore. The company was launched in January 2021 by a team of aviation industry veterans and funds managed by Private Equity and Credit Groups of Ares Management Corporation.

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